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Seated: Mr Samuel Zou, Mr Benjamin Gan, Mr Edgar Seow, Ms Ann Ang (HOD English Language & English Literature), Ms Donna Koh, Mr Afdillah Aman
Back Row:  Ms Joyce Tan, Ms Daena Ch’ng, Mrs Tay Yeun Jen, Ms Charmaine Wong, Mrs Felicia Zin, Mdm Quan Cher Lee, Ms Tan Li Hsing, Ms Nasihah Binte Sahari, Mrs Serene Ang, Mrs Clara Ang
Not in the picture:  Ms Emily Koh, Ms Fong Sum Yi, Ms Maggie Lee, Mr See Chee Wah, Mr Vincent Goh

"A language many-coloured and richly storied" - James Joyce


  • To develop Theresian graduates who are confident, articulate and able to use the English Language effectively and appropriately.
  • To develop in students a genuine appreciation for literature in its various historical contexts.
  • To develop in students an ability to articulate verbally and in writing, their responses to the various genres they will be exposed to.
  • To develop a culture of professional teaching excellence built on experience, practice, sharing and continual learning.


Level Head English Language

Subject Head Literature
Mrs Shivani Rohan (vivaukandan_shivani@moe.edu.sg)

Department Staff

English Language
Mr Afdillah Aman (afdillah_aman@moe.edu.sg)
Mrs Tay Hee Yeun Jen (hee_yeun_jen@moe.edu.sg)
Mrs Lee Ham (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Lee Wei Song (lee_wei_song@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Ling Kay Bin (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Mr See Chee Wah (see_chee_wah@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Sylvia Chua (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Tan Li Hsing (tan_li_hsing@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Toh Hui Min (toh_hui_min_a@moe.edu.sg)

English Language and Literature
Ms Fong Sum Yi (fong_sum_yi@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Samuel Zou (zou_en_samuel@moe.edu.sg)
Mdm Quan Cher Lee (quan_cher_lee@moe.edu.sg)

Enrichment Programme

Sec 1 and Sec 2 - Voice Works Pte Ltd