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Seated:  Mr Yap Pao Ming, Mr Terance Wong, Mr Lau Chor Keng, Ms Audrea Cheang (HOD Mathematics), Mr Lee Chee Wei, Mr Patrick Ng Mr Alwyn Lee 
Back Row: Mr Chan Kai Wei, Mrs Bernadette Lim, Mrs Evelyn Jayesh, Mrs Gomez Philomina, Mrs Buvaneshwari Kumaran, Ms Lim Li Kiang , Mrs Michele Fung, Mrs Amutha Elangovan, Ms Chia Pei Pei, Ms Dorrianne Yeo
Not in Picture: Mr Lim Choon Hong, Ms Shirley Sim

 "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education" --Martin Luther King, Jr.



To develop Theresian learners to be critical thinkers and confident problem-solvers, enabling them for continuous learning in Mathematics and related disciplines.

Our Approach

In line with the school’s approach in the formation of the whole person, the Mathematics department has adopted the 4E−approach to programme planning. The curriculum is customised to meet the needs of four student segments and programmes are planned to ‘Engage’ all students, ‘Enthuse’ to address students’ diverse interests, ‘Encourage’ the lower-progress learners and ‘Enlighten’ the higher-progress students.


4E Approach

Department Programmes


Peer Tutoring – To stretch the higher-progress students to coach their peers in Algebra, thereby strengthening their confidence and mastery in the subject.



Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) – This is a project in collaboration with MOE to apply intervention strategies backed by research to improve the motivation of students in learning Mathematics.



Financial Literacy and Maths Trail – This collaborative effort between the National Institute of Education and the school, aims to help students experience the relevance of learning Mathematics in real life. Financial literacy is integrated in the Secondary 1 Mathematics curriculum and students are required to reflect on the learning process so that it shapes their values and are impelled to move beyond knowing to action. The whole experience culminates with a Mathematics trail, run by the teachers in CHIJ STC.



Learning Experiences – To develop a deep understanding of Mathematics concepts, and to help students make sense of the various mathematical ideas and connections, students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences including, activities and use of technology to help make the learning more meaningful.



Level Head
Mr Lau Chor Keng (lau_chor_keng@moe.edu.sg) – Lower Sec
Mr Lee Chee Wei (lee_chee_wei@moe.edu.sg) – Upper Sec

Department Staff
Mrs Amutha Elangovan (amutha_elangovan@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Chan Kai Wei (chan_kai_wei@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Dorrianne Yeo (dorrianne_yeo@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Lim Choon Hong (lim_choon_hong@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Lim Li Kiang (lim_li_kiang_a@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Pek Aik Soon (pek_aik_soon@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Tan Lay Kwang (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Yap Pao Ming (yap_pao_ming@moe.edu.sg)

Principles of Accounts
Mrs Buvaneshwari Kumaran (buvaneshwari_rajoo@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Chia Pei Pei (chia_pei_pei@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Dorrianne Yeo (dorrianne_yeo@moe.edu.sg)

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