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Mother Tongue Languages

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Seated: Mr Loh Chiu Wai, Mdm Goh Kwee Lay (HOD Mother Tongue) Mr Natarajan Saravanan 
Back Row: Mdm Koh Gek Khim, Mdm Haslinda Binte Ramat, Mdm Zhang Haiying, Mdm Sim Hoon Kuan, Ms Li Yangping, Mdm Veronica Nair
Not in the picture: Mrs Cerise Xu, Ms Clarise Wong, Mdm Raihanah Beevi

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book."


To provide quality Mother Tongue education where all work together for the promotion of ‘Teaching is for Learning and Learning is for Understanding and Appreciation ‘.

A school community of Confident and Passionate MT Leaders and Learners.

Department Goals 
To develop Theresian graduates who are articulate and able to use MT for effective communication.
To develop in students an ability to articulate verbally and in writing, their responses to the various genres they will be exposed to.
To develop in students a genuine appreciation for MT culture and heritage.


Head of Department
Mdm Goh Kwee Lay (goh_kwee_lay@moe.edu.sg)

Department Staff

Chinese Language

Mdm Koh Gek Khim (koh_gek_khim@moe.edu.sg)
Ms Li Yangping (li_yangping@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Lim Chii Tee (lim_chii_tee@moe.edu.sg)
Mr Wong Chee Leong (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Mdm Yoong Wei Lain (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)
Mdm Zhang Hai Ying (zhang_haiying@moe.edu.sg)

Malay Language
Mdm Haslinda Bte Ramat (haslinda_ramat@moe.edu.sg)

Tamil Language
Mr Natarajan Saravanan (natarajan_saravanan@moe.edu.sg)
Mdm Raihanah Beevi (raihanah_beevi@moe.edu.sg)

MT Enrichment Programme seeks to achieve the following objectives

(1)  create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MT
(2)   provide a platform for students to actively learn MT and its associated culture
(3)   provide authentic opportunities for students to extend their MT learning experience beyond the textbook


Programmes and Activities:

·         Chinese New Year , Hari Raya Puasa , Deepavali 

·         Workshops – traditional arts , movie critique,   song writing, GCE ‘O’ level prep

·         Quizzes –  tradition, festivals, idioms, proverbs

·         Drama / dance performance by professional

·         Learning Journey – China Town, Little India,  Geylang Serai/ Kampong Glam

·         Conversational Chinese /Malay Programme for Sec 1 & 2


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