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Physical Education

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Front Row: Ms Raihana Binte Muhammad Salehuddin, Ms Celine Quek (HOD PE & Outdoor Education), Ms Wong Liling
Back Row: Ms Cassandra Lee, Mr Toh Boon Hui, Mr Leslie Francis, Mr Yeo Swee Yeow, Mr Warrick Tan


To provide a comprehensive 4-year long Physical Education Programme to develop the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of all our students through physical activities. 


Department Goals

We aim to: 

·         Promote a healthy living and active lifestyle ‘Do it the Fun Way’ 

·         Teach physical and safety skills 

·         Develop Self Confidence & Promote Creativity 

·         Develop Leadership Skills 

·         Encourage Teamwork and Sportsmanship 

·         Develop a love of Fitness as a Sport 


The department plans to provide a variety of pupil-centred instructional activities that equip individuals with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to enjoy and sustain a physically active and healthy lifestyle. This serves to complement other education areas in promoting educational outcomes that are less likely to be achieved in other subject areas.



CCA and Student Management

Mr Leslie Francis (munipas_leslie_francis@moe.edu.sg)  

Department Staff

Ms Cassandra Lee (lee_yun_yun_cassandra@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Steven Lim (lim_wen_yi_steven@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Toh Boon Hui (toh_boon_hui@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Wong Liling (wong_liling@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Yeo Swee Yeow (yeo_swee_yeow@moe.edu.sg )


The department seeks to develop physically fit students who are knowledgeable about games, and appreciates the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship.


All students will acquire a minimum of 7 game skills at the end of Secondary 4.

·         Sec 1 – Netball (Level 1) / Hockey (Level 1) / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF)

·         Sec 2 -  Badminton / Hockey (Level 2) / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF)

·         Sec 3 - Volleyball / Floorball / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF)

·         Sec 4NA – Touch Rugby / Soccer / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF) 

·         Sec 4E – Softball / Football / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF)

·         5NA - Touch Rugby /  Mini Tennis / Physical Health & Fitness (PHF)

Rules and Code of Conduct for PE Lessons ***

1.        All students MUST be attired in the Theresian PE/ House T-shirt and Theresian PE shorts. For the first time a student fails to be properly attired, a warning will be given. Subsequently, she will be required to acquire the correct attire. Students are not allowed to borrow PE attire from the General Office

2.        Students are allowed to report to school in only PE attire or House T-shirts with pinafore on days with PE lessons only. Orientation shirt with pinafore is strictly NOT ALLOWED.


3.        Any student who is unable to attend PE lessons will need to produce a Medical Certificate (MC) and submit it to her PE teacher.


4.        Any student who is not feeling well and is unable to produce a MC MUST produce a parent’s letter and still change into her PE attire.


5.        Any student who has been excused from PE will join the lesson as an observer.


6.        Classes MUST always change and report for PE even in the event of bad weather.


7.        Students are to report for PE lessons within 7 minutes from the bell.


8.        Attendance will be taken at every lesson. Students who are constantly “ill” or who stay away from PE lessons without any valid reason will face disciplinary action, parents will be called as well.


9.        All students are to keep their valuables with their PE teachers before the start of every lesson. The school WILL NOT be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal items should anybody decide not to keep their valuables with their PE teachers.


10.     Students SHOULD NOT buy drinks from the canteen vendors or the vending machine unless their PE teacher has given them permission to do so. Students are advised to bring their water bottles and fill them up at the water coolers. Canteen vendors will only sell mineral water or isotonic drinks.


11.     Students MUST wear their pinafore over their PE attire  after their PE lessons.


12.     Students are to report any accidents or injuries that take place during PE lessons to their PE teachers as their PE teacher will administer first aid immediately. DO NOT make your way to the general office without informing your PE teacher.


13.     Students are to treat all PE equipment with care. They will be responsible for any damage or loss of equipment.


14.     Students are to display a positive learning attitude towards their PE lessons. They should cooperate and participate actively.


15.     Students should also display the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship, Respect, Sportsmanship and fair play, amongst other universal values during PE lessons.


16.     Students must inform teachers if they are unwell before the start, during or after the lesson.


17.     Students who are feeling ill during the lesson can use a ‘time out’ to inform teachers that they are not well.


18.     Do not force yourself to play if you are not well even if your friends force you to.