Seated: Mr Chan Kai Wei, Mr Bryan Lim, Mr Wang Qiming, Mrs Agatha Tan, Ms Veronica Chia (HOD Science), Mrs Karen Leong, Mr James Wong, Mr Ng Kok Huat, Mr Albert Chng
Back Row: Mrs Felicia Zin, Mrs Deepti Bhatia, Ms Dora Lee, Ms Goh Kai Xin, Ms Ng Shu Zhen, Mrs Valerie Lee, Ms Ang Li Fern, Ms Tan Yan Fen, Mdm Siew Mun Ying Ms Clarissa Poh 
Not in the picture: Mr Lye Yu Min, Mdm Jarina Bevi D/O Syed Ahamad, Mdm Toh Mui Hoong

"The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, turn it inside out and learn something from it."


To develop inquiring minds in pursuit of truth for the betterment of humanity.


We will be a community of self-directed leaders and learners in the acquisition of Scientific knowledge.
Science at ‘O’ level comprise Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These subjects are taught in a modular manner in Secondary One and Two so as to better prepare our students for science at the upper secondary level and to equip every student with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes for post-secondary studies in science. The curriculum is well-structured and designed to provide students with ample opportunities to experience the real-world relevance and application of science so that they will become confident citizens in a technological world, who recognise the usefulness and limitations of the scientific method, and appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life.



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