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Changi Airport

The Changi Control Tower, usually depicted on the postcards tourists would use to send to their loved ones back home, is indeed one the most iconic things about Singapore. It is located in the eastern part of Singapore, in between two runways of Changi International Airport. The 80 metre tall tower provides aerodrome control service to aircraft landing and departing Changi Airport and aircraft manoeuvring within the airport. The Changi Control Tower is the first and last thing people see upon arriving or leaving Singapore. The airport project was spearheaded and led by the then-Chairman of the Port of Singapore Authority Howe Yoon Chong, and involved a massive land reclamation initiative on Singapore's eastern tip and it is on this reclaimed land that the landmark tower, once called "Airtropolis", now sits. 

The tower began operations with the first flight in 1981 and has since become synonymous with the award-winning Changi Airport. Today, it handles communications with up to 900 flights a day. Due to tight security, only authorised personnel is allowed into the building. The landmark is part of Changi International Airport which is known as one of the best airports around the world and has been recognised as one of the top 3 best airports in the world for 16 years consecutively.