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Principal's Message


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The CHIJ family of schools has enjoyed a blessed 165 years of history in service in Singapore, and CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent is indeed glad to be part of this history, living out our Christian belief in the worth and dignity of every person and growing this through the generations of Theresians who have passed through our school. I am indeed happy and privileged to be leading this blessed school.

At CHIJ STC, we grow our girls to become young ladies who are Simple in Virtue and Steadfast in Duty. Virtue is a personal asset, which can never be removed against your will. When our girls learn to be simple in virtue, they are learning to be confident in God’s love and to trust that we are as clay in the potter’s hands (Jeremiah 18:6), while doing good every day to build a community of justice and truth. When our girls learn to be steadfast in duty, they learn to demonstrate faithfulness in little things in daily life, and to carry out their duty to serve others. In doing so, they will enjoy peace and freedom which no money can purchase.

We believe that our Theresians have great potential to make a positive difference to our world, promoting Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love, while paying special care to those who are disadvantaged, and supporting one another, strengthened by the blessings of the Holy Spirit. In our school, we aim to develop our students with skills for life like real-world problem-solving, growing them to become self-directed, confident and resilient leaders, learners and ladies for God and for others. To do this, we have our school’s curriculum and two Distinctive Programmes, a dedicated and professional staff, concerted support from our stakeholders, parents, Board of Management, alumni and community partners.

For our Theresians, we welcome you warmly back to school after the December holidays are over. If you are not yet part of the IJ family, we invite you to join our school and belong to a Christ-centred school community, where we all work together in love and truth to bring out the best in one another. Wishing one and all a blessed Advent and Christmas! 

Mrs Jenny Leong