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Central Fire Station

Located at Hill Street in the Museum Planning Area in City Hall is Singapore’s oldest existing fire station,The Central Fire Station. Built in between 1908 to 1909, it was formerly known as the Hill Street Fire Station. Now it is nicknamed as ‘blood and bandage’ due to its prominent red and white look. Contrary to popular belief, Central Fire Station was not Singapore’s first fire station. Central Fire Station was Singapore’s first proper fire station, equipped with professionally trained firemen under the supervision of Superintendent and professional firefighter Montague William Pett and built with a lookout tower, four portable water pumps, an engine house, a repair shop and a training ground and living quarters for the firemen. And over the years, the efficiency of the service of the firemen improved so much that during World War 2, the Japanese actually retained some of the firemen and allowed them to continue serving Singapore. 

Today, the Central Fire Station houses the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, showcasing the iconic history of firefighting in Singapore and more. Tourists can come visit the gallery and learn more about how our civil defence forces reached their coming-of-age state that we know of today.