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Gardens by the Bay

NPark’s vision of creating a city in a garden was brought to life with the completed Gardens by the Bay in 2012. Condensed with 80% of the world’s plant species on these 101 hectares of reclaimed land, this place serves as a tourist attraction, with a wide array of short-term events lined up. Some activities even reflect childhood memories such as playing board games and childhood melodies to keep the visitors company. In addition, paid tours are made available which could enhance the visitor’s knowledge of plant species from all around the world, making it an engaging and interesting place to be in. Exclusively, this green space also serves as a place to educate the importance of environmental conservation. Sustainability efforts are carried out on conservatories and super trees, which gives voice to one of its missions: aiming to be a model for sustainable development and conservation.In addition,  the four themed gardens of Heritage Gardens in Gardens by the Bay helps us discover how plants are intricately linked to Singapore’s culture, giving way to enhancing our knowledge of Singapore’s history and culture of the three main ethnic groups and colonial past.