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National Theatre

The Singapore National Theatre was officially opened on 8 August 1963 to commemorate Singapore's independence back then. With a capacity of 3,420 seats at the theatre, major events were being organised there. It was the first and largest theatre back then.  The newly designed and relocated theatre cost $2 million and was built with funds that came from the Government and the public via 'a-dollar-a-brick' campaign. It represented dedication and the co-operation of people from all walks of life. Taking inspiration from our country's flag, a huge 150-tonne cantilevered steel roof and a five-pointed facade were included in the structure. The facade represented the five stars of the Singapore. Only a huge roof was being built as shelter. 

Many important events were staged at the National Theatre, such as the National Day Rally from 1966 to 1982. The first show which took place was the Southeast Asian Cultural Festival. Unfortunately, in the 1980s, defects were noticed on the roof of the theatre, which posed a threat to audiences' safety . Moreover,  due to the lack of air-conditioning, and the proposed Central Expressway underground tunnel, the Government decided to demolish this building. Today, the original site of the National Theatre of Singapore is being marked as a heritage site to represent the spirit of nationhood and self-help in the early days of nation building.