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Direct School Admission - DSA (LLP)

Distinctive Programme 2:

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Developing Self-directed, Confident and Resilient Leaders, Learners and Ladies through Sports & Hockey

DSA (LLP) Admission Criteria

We are looking for applicants who

possess a good foundation and strong skills in the sports she is applying for, 

are physically inclined and possess strong motor skills, 

are able to contribute effectively in a team, and 

display strong leadership abilities.

DSA (LLP) Application Process

Application forms can be obtained from the school’s General Office during office hours, Monday – Friday, 

8.00 am – 5.30 pm. Completed applications, together with relevant supporting documents must be delivered to the school no later than 29 June 2018, 5.00 pm. You may also click here to download the DSA (LLP) form. 

Documents to submit: 

1. Completed DSA (LLP) Application Form with a recent photograph of the candidate attached.

2. Any other relevant supporting documents (e.g. Certificate of Participation in student leadership projects, etc.).

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will need to submit the certified true copies of the following supporting documents

Academic results (Primary 6 Mid-Year examination results or the equivalent for applicants not from national schools)

CCA and VIA records

Please submit your application (with relevant documents) to the following address:

School’s address: 

CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent 

160 Lower Delta Road 

Singapore 099138 

Attention: Mr Toh Boon Hui / Mr Leslie Francis

DSA (LLP) Coordinator 

Re: DSA (LLP) Sports

For enquiries on DSA (LLP), please contact:  

DSA (LLP) Coordinator: Mr Toh Boon Hui / Mr Leslie Francis

Email: toh_boon_hui@moe.edu.sg / munipas_leslie_francis@moe.edu.sg


We regret that we will not be able to consider applications if the application forms are incomplete or relevant supporting documents are not enclosed together with the application form.

More information regarding the DSA can be found on the MOE website: http://www.moe.gov.sg 

DSA (LLP) Selection Process

Phase 1 – Submission of application form and supporting documents

DSA (LLP) candidates to 

1. provide details on the number of years they have been playing Hockey or other sports

2. highlight sports competitions that they were involved in and corresponding achievements 

3. provide details on CCA, VIA, leadership positions held in their Primary school

4. provide details of their academic results (for Primary 6 Mid-Year examination or equivalent) 

Phase 2 – Shortlisting of candidates based on Sports Trials 

DSA (ALP) candidates will 

1. participate in a series of skills tests

2. be ranked based on their skills test performance by a panel of teachers and coaches

Key Dates for DSA (LLP)

7 May 2018 (Mon) to

22 June 2018 (Fri)

Application is open for all Primary Six female students studying in national schools, Returning Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and International Students.

29 June 2018 (Fri),

5.00 pm  

Closing Date for DSA application

Deadline for submission of hard copy of application forms and supporting documents to the school’s General Office by 29 June 2018, 5.00 pm. We regret that late submissions will not be considered.  


2 July 2018 (Mon) to

20 July 2018 (Fri)

Scheduling of candidates for Sports Trial 1 and 2 (details will be sent via email to candidates).

20 July 2018 (Fri)

Sports Trial 1 at CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent.

3 August 2018 (Fri)

Sports Trial 2 at CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent (for candidates who were unable to attend Sports Trial 1).

20 August 2018 (Mon) to 31 August 2018 (Fri)

Notice of Selection Outcome for DSA-Sec application

Letters will be issued to all candidates informing them on the status of their application:  

(i) Confirmed Offer (CO), (ii) Wait List (WL) or (iii) Rejected.

29 October 2018 (Mon)

Issuance of DSA School Preference Form through applicant’s primary school.

29 October 2018 (Mon) to 2 November 2018 (Fri)

Exercise of DSA School Preference by applicants.

Late November 2018

Release of DSA school posting results by MOE.