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Financial Assistance

Singaporean students who have financial difficulties in meeting their schooling needs may apply for the following:

a) MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

b) IDA’s NEU PC Plus Program


MOE Financial Assistance Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

·         Student is a Singapore Citizen.

·         Family’s Gross Household Income does not exceed $2,750 per month.

o    Household income is the total income of family members who stay in the same household or who contribute to the income of the household.  Gross income includes allowances and employee’s CPF contribution.

o    Maintenance income received by a divorcee is to be included in the household income.

o    National Service allowance received by NS men, severance compensation and insurance payment are not to be included in household income.

o    If the income earner is on no-pay leave for a specific period, he/she is not unemployed.  His/her monthly income in months when he/she was not on no-pay leave should be assessed.

o    For students who have no parents and are under the care of their relatives, the relative’s income would have to be taken into consideration if he/she is a legal guardian of the student.

o    Being a full-time housewife is considered as unemployed and completion of the declaration at Annex A of the MOE FAS Application Form is necessary.

·         Family’s monthly Gross Household Income exceeds S$2,750 and there are 5 or more members in the same household, the family’s Per Capita Income does not exceed $690 per month.

o    The Per Capita Income is computed based on the Gross Household Income divided by the number of household members. Household members include the student, her parents, unmarried siblings, grandparents and other dependents living in the same household.   


With effect from 2019 MOE FAS application, it is mandatory, i.e. as a  pre-condition for processing of MOE FAS, for parents or legal guardians to apply for the use of their children’s Edusave accounts to pay for 2nd-tier miscellaneous fees and cost of local enrichment programmes if they want to apply for MOE FAS.  The intent is to get financially needy parents or legal guardians who wish to have their children placed on MOE FAS to also tap on their children’s Edusave accounts to reduce their out-of-pocket for these school-related expenses if they have not done so earlier.  This is also aligned with the Government’s objective in providing such Edusave monies.


·         Full waiver of school fees ($5 per month).

·         Full waiver of standard miscellaneous fees ($10 per month).

·         Free textbooks (workbooks, writing materials, art and craft materials and stationery items shown in the school booklist, and a calculator for Secondary 1 students).

·         Free school attire (2 sets of uniforms, 2 sets of PE attire and 2 pairs of socks).

·         Free school shoes (1 pair – reimbursement of up to the value of $20).

·         Transport subsidy of $120 per annum for MOE FAS recipients who travel to and from school via public transport.  The transport subsidy will be pro-rated according to the MOE FAS grant period.  The eligible students will receive the transport subsidy in the form of a monthly top-up ($10 per month) to her School Smart Card (Transit Link Card).

·          Meal Subsidy of $2.50 x 10 meals per week for MOE FAS recipients. Students will redeem their subsidy via their School Smart Card (Transit Link Card) at the school canteen stalls.

Additional transport subsidy may be granted to the eligible students by the School Management Committee on a case-by-case basis.


Application Procedures

·         Application is open throughout the year.

·         Application form can be obtained from the School General Office or click here to download the form.

·         Parent/Guardian has to complete and submit the application form together with the following supporting documents to the school’s General Office:

o     Documents showing proof of legal guardianship to be submitted with the MOE FAS application form if it is applied by a legal guardian. 

o    Household members who are employed are required to submit their latest payslip or a letter from their employer certifying their income.

o    Household members who are self-employed are required to attach their latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment. If the member is not required to pay tax or the tax assessment does not reflect his/her current income status, he/she is to complete the declaration at Annex A of the MOE FAS Application Form.

o    Household members who are unemployed and below age 62 are required to complete the declaration at Annex A of the MOE FAS Application Form if they are not undertaking full-time studies or are in full-time National Service.

o    Copies of NRIC/Birth Certificate (for those without NRIC) of all household members (including the student who is studying at CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent).  If there are other dependent children with no NRIC, please submit copies of legal documents to show that they are staying in the same household.

o    Copies of School Smart Card or any other documentary evidence on proof of study of other school-going children who are not studying at CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent.

·         The school will process the application and inform the parent/guardian of the outcome in writing.

o    The approval granted for the financial assistance is valid only during the year of approval.  Hence, if the student is eligible for financial assistance for the current year, she will need to submit a new application for the following year.

o    Parent/Guardian should inform the school’s General Office if the family’s financial circumstance has improved during the year of approval, that is, Gross Household Income exceeds $2,750 per month or Per Capita Income exceeds $690 per month.

o    Parents or legal guardians applying for their children to be on the MOE FAS to agree that, by completing an application for the MOE FAS, they are also regarded as making a standing instruction to authorise the school to withdraw from their child’s Edusave accounts for payment of approved fees and cost for local enrichment programmes.  To reduce the need for repeated applications, the standing instruction will be in effect as long as the student is on the MOE FAS, and will continue to remain in force even if the student is not placed on the MOE FAS in subsequent academic year with the school, and will further remain in effect until terminated by the parents or legal guardians in writing to the school.

Shared Eligibility Assessment of ComCare assistance and MOE FAS

From school year 2019, MOE  has arranged with MSF for schools to auto-award MOE FAS to recipients of ComCare assistance (i.e. both short-to-medium term assistance (SMTA) and long-term assistance (LTA)), without the need for them to complete Section II of the MOE FAS application form and submit their income statements, if the ComCare recipients provide a copy of a valid ComCare approval letter or LTA (also known as Public Assistance) card with their MOE FAS application form.  


NEU PC Plus Programme

The NEU PC Plus Programme offers students from low income households the opportunity to own a new computer at an affordable price.


For details, please visit www.ida.gov.sg/neupc, email to ida_neupc@ida.gov.sg or call 6684 8858.