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The Ministry of Education (MOE) provides financial assistance to Singapore Citizen students from our Government and Government-Aided Schools who need financial assistance for their studies. Parents need to submit only one application form for all their school-going children to one of their schools.

If your family and child is/children are existing beneficiary/beneficiaries of MSF ComCare, your child/children will be auto-granted MOE FAS. You do not need to apply for MOE FAS separately.

For more information, please refer to https://www.moe.gov.sg/financial-matters/financial-assistance

You may submit the MOE FAS application in one of the following ways:

a.       eFAS https://go.gov.sg/moe-efas

-          Please prepare the softcopy supporting documents in advance before you begin completing the e-                         application form. 

-          eFAS application is not applicable if the following applies:

(i)      Families with other dependents (Great grandparents, Aunties/Uncles, Cousins and others)

(ii)     Family with more than 5 children in Government and Government-Aided Schools.

(iii)   Family with more than 4 unmarried children not in Government and Government-Aided Schools.

(iv)   Family with more than 3 grandparents in the household


b.       Download MOE FAS Application Form here. Your daughter may also collect the form from the General Office.