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  1. She possesses a sense of belonging to her class, school and country. 

  2. She models this sense of belonging to her class, school and country.

  3. She appreciates diversity and upholds racial and religious harmony.

  4. She contributes to the betterment of the community and environment.
  1. She thinks creativity and critically. 

  2. She communicates effectively. 

  3. She contributes actively and effectively in teams. 

  4. She possesses ICT and problem-solving skills.
  1. She stands up for truth with faith as her foundation. (Truth in Conscience) 

  2. She strives for justice by attending to the needs for the disadvantaged. (Compassion in Justice) 

  3. She is steadfast in her dutyto love God and others. (Commitment to Love) 

  4. She is free to choose truth, justice and love. (Courage for Freedom)