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Education Career Guidance (ECG)

Education Career Guidance (ECG) Objectives

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Overview of ECG programmes

CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent (STC)’s key Educational Career Guidance (ECG) programmes are undergirded by four themes to meet our students’ development needs. 

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Secondary 1 

At Secondary 1, students are introduced to the ECG portal . It helps them develop self-awareness of their career interests, skills and work values through assessments, which they can access online at the portal at any time. The portal also contains information on Post-Secondary Education Institutions (PSEIs) and information on various occupations.

Secondary 2 

At Secondary 2, students go through a Customised Subject Option Exercise Briefing to better understand the subject offerings in STC before making a decision on the subject combination to take at Secondary 3. Ex-Theresians studying in the various PSEIs are invited to have in-depth conversations with the students on their education and career pathways. During class-time, teachers go through the ECG Parent Guide “The Explorer’s Passport” with the students Students are encouraged to explore the activities in the guide with their parents, so that they can gain a better understanding of the careers suitable for them together with their parents. Normal Technical (NT) students are given an opportunity to participate in the “Experience ITE Programme”, a 1-day programme which orientates students in ITE education to discover how ITE education can help advance their careers. They also get to participate in an ITE Elective Module, which is a short course specially designed and offered by ITE to broaden the students’ learning experiences.

Secondary 3

At Secondary 3, all Express and Normal Academic (NA) students go to Singapore Polytechnic for the Applied Studies Experience and Industry Exposure programme, which aims to create greater awareness in students on study and career options through applied learning at Polytechnics. Students may have the opportunity to sign up for a work attachment or learning journeys to observe others at work and carry out simple tasks under the guidance of a mentor. To provide NA students with a broader view of the available post-secondary education paths, they also have the opportunity to attend a 2-day Experience ITE programme at different ITE colleges. NT students participate in another two ITE Elective Modules to further broaden their ITE learning experience.

Secondary 4 & 5 

At Secondary 4 & 5, all graduating students attend career talks provided by Ex-Theresians, parents and industry partners. Ex-Theresians are also invited to have conversations with the graduating students on their education and career pathways. These conversations will take place during a Form Teacher Guidance Period and through a Circle Sharing session, to allow students to engage in deeper and in-depth dialogue with the ex-Theresians. The Higher Education Fair is organised every year. Various PSEIs are invited to set up booths and give talks to students Parents are also invited to view the booths.

ECG Counselling

The ECG Counsellor, Ms Gina Tan (Tan_Lay_Bee_Gina@schools.gov.sg), will be in school every Wednesday and Thursday to provide ECG counselling services. Students who wish to speak to her on ECG issues may drop her an email at Tan_Lay_Bee_Gina@moe.edu.sg or click on this link (https://go.gov.sg/chat-with-ms-gina) to book a session.

ECG Resources

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