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Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB)

Full Subject-based Banding (FSBB) from 2022

In 2027, a common certificate will replace the current ‘O’ and ‘N’ levels certification for secondary schools. Students will then use this common certificate to enter the JCs, Polys and ITEs of their choice, for their post-secondary education.

This common certificate will be made possible by Full Subject-Based Banding (FSBB) which will begin in 2022 in CHIJ STC. The Secondary 1 students from 2022 onwards, will take subjects across different bands (G1, G2, G3).

Objectives of FSBB
1.    Greater customisation of learning to develop each child to her fullest potential.
    • Students will be allowed to further customise their learning at subject level, according to their strengths and interests.
    • Students will then take greater ownership of their learning, while they discover, develop and deepen their strengths and interests, as well as develop positive mindsets to learn for life.Mitigate the inadvertent labelling and stigmatisation associated with streaming.
2.    Schools will take different forms of class organisation to support greater interaction and mixing between students of different academic profiles to reduce stigmatisation.

3.    More porosity in post-secondary pathways will help students with different strengths and learning pace, while still ensuring that they can cope with the rigour of post-secondary education.

With Subject Based Banding (SBB), students who are eligible can take English Language, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Language at a more demanding level when they start their Secondary 1 education. Eligibility is first based on their performance in these subjects at the PSLE.

After they have started Secondary school, eligible students may be offered subjects at a more demanding level at 3 other junctures:
a. Mid-point of Secondary 1
b. End of Secondary 1
c. End of Secondary 2 

Students who did not meet the eligibility criteria for SBB at the start of Secondary 1 can be considered for SBB if they are assessed to have done well enough for their Secondary 1 assessments. Their performance for Weighted Assessments and their aptitude towards the respective subjects will be taken into consideration by the school before they are offered the opportunity. After eligible students have received the offer letter from the school, parents can then decide if their child should take up the respective subjects at a more demanding level, after considering the holistic wellbeing of the child.

CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent will offer FSBB from 2022 onwards.
From 2022, all Secondary 1 students from the three different academic streams will be placed into the same form classes to encourage social mixing and interaction.

The students will take common subjects such as Art, D&T, FCE, CCE, Music, PE together.  For the other subjects such as EL, MT, MA, SCI, Humanities, students will be grouped by their varying academic abilities (G1, G2, G3) to come together to contribute valuable differences in perspectives and to create broader opportunities for learning amongst peers.