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Portrait of a Theresian Girl

A Theresian works with others for the promotion of Love, Truth, Justice and Freedom. She demonstrates the Theresian values in the way she acts, speaks, thinks and feels.

CHARACTER (Behavioural Outcomes)
 COMPETENCE (Learning Outcomes)
As Lady, a person for God & for
others, she promotes

1. Love
With commitment, she loves
God & others

2. Truth
With conscience, she stands up
for truth

3. Justice
With compassion, she strives for
justice for the disadvantaged

4. Freedom
With courage, she is free to
choose truth, justice & love
As Leader, an active contributor & a
concerned citizen who is rooted to Singapore

1. She models a sense of belonging to
class, school and country

2. She advocates racial and religious
harmony & appreciates diversity

3. She contributes to the betterment of
community & environment, with special reference to the disadvantaged 

As Learner, a self-directed, confident & resilient
student who is committed to lifelong learning

1. She thinks creatively and critically

2. She communicates & collaborates

3. She possesses ICT & problem-solving skills