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Design and Food Studies

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Seated: Mr Pek Aik Soon, Ms Rachel Chong, Mdm Chin Pooi Pooi (HOD Design & Food Studies), Mr Edgar Seow, Mr Irvin Wan

Back Row: Ms Shehana Binte Zulazmi, Mdm Huang Meifeng, Ms Mak Wei Min, Ms Angela Yang, Ms Clarissa Poh, Mdm Pang Jia Mien

Not in the picture: Mr Lim Choon Hong

"Learn, Collaborate & Impact"

Design and Food Studies Department is made up of Art & Design, Design & Technology,
Food and Consumer Education/Food and Nutrition and Music


  1. To foster creative, critical and analytical thinking, sensitivity and powers of observation.
  2. To educate the appreciation for the fine things in life.

Department Goals

  1. To improve academic performance.
  2. To foster confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in the practice of the aesthetics.
  3. To foster in students a critical and analytical approach in decision-making and problem solving.
  4. To adopt a repertoire of teaching strategies to engage and facilitate in learning.



Head of Department

Mdm Chin Pooi Pooi (chin_pooi_pooi@moe.edu.sg)

Department Staff

Art and Design

Mr Edgar Seow (seow_siang_kim_edgar@moe.edu.sg)

Mdm Pang Jia Mien (pang_jia_mien@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Shehana Binte Zulazmi (shehana_zulazmi@moe.edu.sg)

Design and Technology

Mr Lim Choon Hong (lim_choon_hong@moe.edu.sg)

Mr Pek Aik Soon (pek_aik_soon@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Rachel Chong (chong_shufen@moe.edu.sg)

Food and Consumer Education/Food and Nutrition

Ms Angela Yang Huihui (angela_yang_hui_hui@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Chin Yin Toa (chijstcs@moe.edu.sg)

Mdm Huang Meifeng (huang_meifeng@moe.edu.sg)


Mr Irvin Wan (wan_yong_quan_irvin@moe.edu.sg)

Ms Tan Li Hsing (tan_li_hsing@moe.edu.sg)



Lower Secondary

Home Economics - Lower Secondary
Visual Arts - Lower Secondary
Design & Technology Syllabus - Lower Secondary: Exp / N(A) / N(T)
Music – Secondary

Programmes/ Enrichments

Sec 2 E/NA/NT – Dance Enrichment
Sec 3NT – Food and Nutrition Enrichment

Useful Links

Design and Technology: