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Information & Communication Technology

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A community of competent, innovative and responsible users of IT. 

ICT Goals

  • To harness ICT for academic and administrative excellence
  • To provide infrastructure and pedagogical support for effective use of ICT in teaching and learning
  • To integrate ICT effectively in school programmes to facilitate the development of creative, innovative and independent learners
  • To provide opportunities for development of pupils’ leadership skills
  • To promote ethical use of ICT for teaching and learning


Head of Department ICT & Knowledge Management

Mr Ng Kok Huat (ng_kok_huat@moe.edu.sg)


AV Technician

Mr Kua Siew Sang (kua_siew_sang@moe.edu.sg)


Cyberwellness Coordinator

Mrs Clara Ang (wong_kit_han_clara@moe.edu.sg)


Library Coordinator

Ms Maggie Lee (lee_peck_lin_maggie@moe.edu.sg)


ICT Executive cum Trainer

Mr Muhammad Hafiz bin Rosli (muhammad_hafiz_rosli@moe.edu.sg)


Technical Assistant

Mr Jason Tan (TA-chijstcs@ncs.com.sg)


Department ICT Representatives



Mr Pek Aik Soon (pek_aik_soon@moe.edu.sg)


English Language and Literature

Mr Afdillah Aman (afdillah_aman@moe.edu.sg)



Mr Daniel Soh (soh_fu_quan@moe.edu.sg)



Mr Patrick Ng (ng_siong_teck_patrick@moe.edu.sg)


Mother Tongue Languages

Ms Li Yangping (li_yangping@moe.edu.sg)



Ms Wong Liling (wong_liling@moe.edu.sg)



Ms Goh Kai Xin (goh_kai_xin@moe.edu.sg) 


ICT Professional Development
To equip staff with adequate ICT knowledge and skills to use ICT effectively to help students learn better. The professional development programmes for staff are provided based on their needs assessments and are aligned to school’s thrusts.

ICT Training for pupils
We hope that all pupils will have sound ICT Skills:
  • Ethical and discerning in use of technology
  • Integrates technology to acquire knowledge and advance learning
  • Selects appropriate tools to accomplish tasks
  • Has good knowledge of using information systems in personal, academic and professional contexts

Lower Sec ICT Training Programme:
All Sec 1 pupils attend 2 periods of ICT Training Programme weekly in Semester 1. The training programme include:
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Web-publishing
  • Video-editing
  • Animation