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Parent Support Group (PSG)

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CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent Parent Support Group has taken a new direction and focus in recent years. It has come a long way from being just a group of parents working on events to a group of parents being together for a purposeful reason – the holistic development of their daughters, our students. This special group of parents willingly gives their time to be involved in school activities for the benefit of the school community. 

With their involvement, the students see them as role models, giving of their time working closely with the teachers in various activities. These parents come forward to be involved not because they want to be near their children but they want to play a part in their children’s education as well as understand how the school system works and be better informed.

Office Bearers of PSG 2017


Committee Members



Madam Cindy Lim



Dr Nina Tahilyani



Mdm Betty Huang



Mdm Catherine-Ann Tun

Asst Secretary


Mdm Cindy Ng



Mrs Veronica Fun-Ng

Asst Treasurer

PSG’s Vision

We are a community of parents contributing resources and skills in supporting the school and its programmes. We strive to do this with the help of active partnership of parents and the school.

PSG’s Mission
To foster a seamless cooperation and collaboration between parents and the school.
To support the school programmes & activities working towards the holistic development of the students.


  • To work hand in hand with the school in providing assistance and be involved in the school’s major events
  • To encourage new parents including fathers to come forward to share their expertise in the holistic education of the students
  • To help parents & students live out the school’s vision and mission
  • To organize activities & gatherings for effective communication amongst parents, school staff and the students.

Join the PSG!


Please fill in the google form at this link




Download the PSG Members form here

and email it to psg.stc@gmail.com


Parents who wish to assist in the PSG activities are requested to contact the PSG at psg.stc@gmail.com 

You can also find out more by liking our Facebook page.

The teachers-in-charge are:

Mrs Alice Poh (alice_poh@moe.edu.sg)

Mdm Raihanah Beevi ( raihanah _beevi @moe.edu.sg)

Mr Leslie Francis (munipas_leslie_francis@moe.edu.sg)

picture 1.jpgSome PSG Core Team members networking informally with new members at a home meeting I Mar 2015
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PSG Core Team believes in the synergy of the whole group – the thinking, the writing and the sharing of views and ideas.

picture 3.jpg 

The team membersdeep in thought at a Review and Strategic Planning Session in January 2015

picture 4.jpg 

Parents busy at work during the International Friendship Day in April 2014, This is part of looking after the welfare of the girls.

picture 5.jpg 

A wide variety of food prepared by the parents to whet the girls’ appetites. 
 picture 6.jpg

Amidst the hard work at school events, there is always a time for a photo together. 
picture 7.jpg 

Parents learning some  pedagogical approaches at a Parents’ Learning Session in Sep 2014.

picture 8.jpg

It is good for parents to be “students” again – reliving our school days! 
 picture 9.jpg

Happy parents after Breakfast Session with the