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Parent Support Group (PSG)

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CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent Parent Support Group (PSG) is a community of parent volunteers who give our time to be involved in planning and supporting school activities for the benefit of the school community. The PSG complements the school by aligning with the school’s objectives, supporting and strengthening the school’s programs to improve our children’s well-being and learning. Being in PSG gives us the opportunity to be closer to our children, understand them better and help them in their education journey. Our children will also benefit when we are more active in their school environment. The PSG also serves as a bridge between parents and school. The PSG listens to parents’ feedback on school operations, practices and programs and provides feedback to the school. The PSG also facilitates the school’s communication to parent. We would like to encourage new parents to come forward to share their expertise to provide a holistic education for the students and help to organize activities for parents and students that promote family bonding. 


School Activities

Support School-led initiatives and organizes events that engage parent and their children.

Term 1 - Orientation Day

Term 2 - PSG Family Bonding

Term 3 - Racial Harmony Day

Term 4 - Open House & PSG Family Bonding

Student Activities

Support and enhance student’s school experiences   

Term 2 - IFD & Theresian Awards

Term 3 -  Motivation Pack for “N” & “O” level student & National Day & Investiture

Term 4 - Graduation Party 

Contact Us

·     Email us at psg.stc@gmail.com

·     Like the STC PSG Facebook page.

    Join STC PSG by scanning this QR code.