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School Bookshop, Uniform & PE Attire

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School Bookshop

School Uniform & School PE Attire

Pacific Bookstores Pte Ltd

14 Arumugam Road #08-01 LTC Building C

Singapore 409959

Tel (Main Office): 64640111

Tel (School): 90482460 (during operating hours only)

Fax (Main Office): 64640110

KH Uniform Pte. Ltd.

115A Commonwealth Drive #04-15/16

Tanglin Halt Industrial Estate

Singapore 149596

Tel: 6479 6811

 Fax: 6474 4037 

Operating hours during school days:

Mondays to Fridays - 7.00 am to 3.00 pm 

You may buy the school uniform (pinafore and blouse) and school PE attire (PE t-shirt, PE shorts, house t-shirt and skorts) via the school’s bookshop during school days.