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The Theresian Code of Conduct

As Lady, a person who promotes Love, Truth, Justice & Freedom,
I show faith in God
1. by remembering God's holy presence throughout the day especially during moments of silence and by constantly turning to God in prayer, throughout the day, to seek His guidance

2. by cultivating the Spirit of Faith which enables me to recognise and to revere God's presence in each person that I meet and in every event in my life

3. by reverently participating in prayer if my religion permits.  Otherwise I will pray silently in my own faith and behave respectfully while others are at prayer

I show love for my family
4. by according the due love and respect to my family members
5. by giving my best in my responsibilities at home

I show love and pride for my School and Class
6. by showing due respect to the symbols of my school: The School Crest, School Flag, School Song and School Uniform
7. by projecting a positive image as a school ambassador through good behaviour and proper attire
8. by generously lending a helping hand and showing respect to all members of my school community, including non-teaching staff
9. by taking a personal interest and pride in the cleanliness of my classroom and the school grounds
10. by respecting and abiding by school rules and class ground rules
11. by giving my best in my responsibilities in class and in school

I promote love, truth, justice and freedom in all I act, speak, think and feel.

As Learner
I show that I am a self-directed and future-ready student who is committed to lifelong learning
12. by thinking creatively and critically
13. by communicating and collaborating effectively
14. by actively learning ICT and problem-solving skills

As Leader
I show that I am an active contributor & a concerned citizen who is rooted to Singapore
15. by showing due respect to the symbols of my nation: My President, State Flag, National Anthem and Pledge
16. by actively participating during flag-raising: If I am a Singapore citizen, I will sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge with my clenched right fist placed over my heart
17. by respecting and abiding by the laws of the nation
18. by modelling a sense of belonging to class, school and country
19. by advocating racial and religious harmony and appreciating diversity
20. by contributing to the betterment of community and environment, with special reference to the disadvantaged